A fan of European basketball who claimed the NBA was easier was slammed by Kevin Durant online

He is a supporter of the NBA.

Kevin Durant, an NBA superstar, recently argued with a fan who said the NBA is more difficult than European basketball. The supporter was responding to a post that quoted EuroLeague player Kyle Hines, who compared the NBA to chess.

Despite Joel Embiid’s 33.1 point average in the 2022/23 NBA season, the fan said that NBA players wouldn’t score 30 points per game in the Euroleague.

The dismal showing by Team USA at the FIBA World Cup has only served to fuel the continuing argument regarding the NBA’s status in the global basketball community.

A major supporter of the NBA, Durant responded angrily to the fan’s tweet, rebutting the suggestion that the NBA is simpler.

It’s time for you to get the f**k out of here, Imao. He said, “Y’all are mad.

The fan claimed that NBA players don’t bother with defense since the league is set up in such a way as to encourage scoring. Durant refuted these claims, suggesting that B-Moe was just being controversial for the sake of it.

B-Moe persisted, saying that just because the NBA is more well-known and lucrative doesn’t imply it’s more tough or difficult. In response, Durant suggested that B-Moe get a EuroLeague TV package so that he could watch games.

Durant’s adamant defense of the NBA’s quality of play in this argument underscored the ongoing dispute about the relative competitiveness of NBA and European basketball.

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