At the FIBA World Cup, prodigy Mikal Bridges scores the most important basket of the competition

He forced overtime by missing a free throw and making a three-point shot that was physically impossible.

In the FIBA World Cup, regardless of which championship is being evaluated, the youthful and promising Mikal Bridges is going to emerge victorious and take home the prize for the best basket of the year.

His shot in the third-place playoff that sent the game into overtime will be seen many times in any highlight reel, and everyone who is fortunate enough to see it will never forget it. His basket was the one that sent the game into overtime.

Because of this, we have decided to present it to you here at MARCA so that you may always remember it.

After making one free throw, the player purposefully missed the second one so that they could retrieve the rebound outside of the zone and make a virtually impossible three-point shot.

Those four points brought the score to a tie, which resulted in an additional five minutes of basketball play.

Bridges does not enter the zone after his shot; rather, he steps right when the ball has already struck the rim in a shot that isn’t even very obviously seeking for the miss. Bridges’ shot is a good example of subtle looking for the miss.

He is the first to respond and goes for the ball, which ultimately leads to his scoring a basket that will be remembered for a very long time.

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