Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s delicate family situation is laid bare

Wade has recently discussed the strain on their marriage caused by disagreements with their children.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are a famous couple, but their happy marriage and forward-thinking parenting style are not the norm.

More people are paying attention to Wade’s tumultuous past as he admitted that his relationship with her nearly ended because of a child he had with “Basketball Wives” star Aja Metoyer. He has custody of his nephew in addition to the three children he has with various girlfriends.

Wade and Union are the proud parents of 2018-born Kaavia, one of Wade’s four biological children.

Dwyane Wade has how many kids?
Dahveon Morris, Zaire Wade, Zaya Wade, Xavier Wade, and Kaavia Wade are the five children that the ex-Miami Heat guard cares for. Morris is his niece or nephew who was born to his sister, Deanna Morris, and he gained custody of him in 2011.

Dwyane Wade has four children, Zaire (age 21), Zaya (age 16), Xavier (age 9), and Kaavia (age 5), all of whom are biologically his. Wade’s first wife, Siohvaughn Funches, gave birth to Zaire and Zaya. In 2013, Aja Metoyer gave birth to their son Xavier. D-Wade’s biological daughter, Kaavia, was born via surrogate since he and his wife, Union, were unable to have a child on their own.

Is Dwyane Wade the father of Gabrielle Union’s children?
The “She’s All That” actress is not Dwyane Wade’s real mother, technically speaking. But they’ve been married since 2014, and they both help out with parenting Wade’s children. Kaavia is their sole shared child.

Wade and Union’s modern approach to raising their children has won them many fans. Despite widespread outrage, they openly backed Wade’s transgender daughter Zaya.

Despite Wade’s troubled past, he and Gabrielle Union have successfully created a loving family unit.

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