Ireland’s starting front three are out of the Romania match at the 2023 Rugby World Cup

Dan Sheehan, Jack Conan, and Dave Kilcoyne, all forwards for Ireland, will not play in Saturday’s World Cup opener against Romania.

They are all nearing the end of their recovery from ailments that will keep them out of the Pool B match in Bordeaux.

“a few guys will not be involved at the weekend,” Ireland assistant coach Paul O’Connell said on Tuesday.

Back row Conan and hooker Sheehan both have foot issues.

Propagandist from Munster Kilcoyne has a hamstring injury that he has been nursing.

Kelleher of Ireland is ready to go “all out” in the World Cup.
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Conan, a forward for Leinster, hurt his foot in a warm-up win over Italy on 5 August, while Sheehan, a forward for the same side, sprained his foot in a win over England the following week.

“Dave Kilcoyne is struggling a bit but should be ok for next week,” O’Connell said to reporters at the Irish training facility in Tours.

The former Ireland second row said he was feeling OK before the game against the world’s 19th-ranked team.

O’Connell, a veteran of four World Cups, said the Irish team will not “reinvent the wheel in terms of preparation” for their upcoming group games against Romania, Tonga, South Africa, and Scotland, but instead “wanted to evolve and get better for sure.”

To paraphrase one of the members of the band: “We have true continuity in terms of how we play, in terms of selection, in terms of knowing each other, what each other are about, and how we enjoy ourselves and turn off.

We haven’t done anything differently in preparation for this game than we would for any other game.

“The only difference is that when we play teams like Wales, we know what to expect; it’s like picking up where we left off; we’re checking out how much they’ve changed since the last time we played them; and the players know them pretty well, so they’re bringing their own information.

Just as with the other Tier One countries, it’s like picking up where the previous chapter left off. This week sees some minor adjustments. This week includes some education, and the players have been very conscientious in their pursuit of it.

I’m anticipating some positive results on Saturday as a result of that.

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