Pep Guardiola manager of Manchester City is not delighted with Rodri’s dismissal

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola expressed his displeasure at Rodri’s red card and the behaviour of referee Anthony Taylor after his team’s victory over Nottingham Forest.

Still undefeated in the Premier League after a 2-0 victory with 10 men in the second half, City manager Pep Guardiola thought Taylor had lost control of the game before Rodri’s red card.

The Spain midfielder will miss City’s important encounter against title rivals Arsenal on October 8 because he was sent off for violent conduct after grasping Morgan Gibbs-White around the throat at the opening of the second half.

Taylor also showed a yellow card to Guardiola and 10 other players, seven of whom were from Forest.

For the first 35 minutes of the game, both teams played exceptionally well. When things started to go chaotic, though, Guardiola acknowledged it wasn’t their fault.

It’s not the fault of Nottingham Forest or City that their team has received so many cautions. The official has completely altered the course of play.

Guardiola linked the incident to Kyle Walker’s dismissal in the Champions League against RB Leipzig in the 2021-22 season and stated Rodri has apologized to his teammates for his red card, which would also see him miss league games against Wolves on 30 September and at home to Brighton on 21 October.

“Hopefully Rodri will learn,” Guardiola said. He needed to learn to reign in his feelings. Unlike Rodri, I can be cautioned with a yellow card. I don’t play, but I hear the guys who do need to watch their backs.

They know it’s wrong and Kyle has done it before, but they can’t control their feelings. No matter what occurs, you must remain calm. I can’t stand competing against 10 men, so naturally I’m frustrated.

I warned the team before halftime not to fall into the same trap that they did in the final 10 minutes of the first half, but they did.

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