The FIA did not accept Rodin Cars’ application to compete in Formula 1 with a female driver

Rodin Cars, which is based in New Zealand, has reported that its bid to enter Formula 1 has been denied by the governing body of the sport.

The company intended to construct its vehicles in New Zealand and intended to set aside one of its two race seats for a female competitor.

It is anticipated that Andretti Global will be the only offer that is presented to the FIA to be taken into consideration by Formula 1.

However, Formula One officials are likely to reject the application made by the United States to become the eleventh team on the grid.

Carlin is an established feeder series operator that manages teams in Formula 4, Formula 3, and Formula 2. Rodin is the biggest shareholder in Carlin.

David Dicker, the Australian founder of Rodin, issued a statement in which he claimed that the firm was “financially equipped to fully fund” its F1 objectives and that it would have pursued a prospective collaboration with Ferrari had the opportunity presented itself.

Dicker continued by saying, “Unfortunately, Rodin Cars’ participation in the recent FIA process to gain entry into the prestigious Formula 1 world championship resulted in the failure of our bid.”

“Recent information suggests, as was anticipated from the beginning of this process, that Andretti Global will be the only successful applicant.”

If the bid had been successful, the three-time winner of the all-female W Series, Jamie Chadwick of the United Kingdom, would have been among the candidates considered to fill the Rodin seat.

Chadwick, who is 25 years old, has been competing with Andretti Autosport in the IndyCar feeder series known as Indy NXT in the United States, but she does not hold a super-licence that would allow her to race in Formula 1.

Since 1976, there has not been a female competitor in this sport; nevertheless, just last week, Jessica Hawkins of the United Kingdom became the first woman in almost five years to test an F1 car.

In February, the FIA, which is the regulatory body of motorsport and is based in Paris, opened up the formal application procedure for teams that were interested in joining in 2025, 2026, or 2027.

Andretti Global, which is managed by Michael Andretti, a former Formula One driver and the son of Mario Andretti, who won the world championship in 1978, has teamed up with the premium Cadillac brand of General Motors in order to compete.

In the event that Andretti Global was given permission to compete in Formula One, the team would make an effort to sign at least one American driver.

Other contenders include the British racing team Hitech, which has the support of a Kazakh tycoon who is worth a billion dollars.

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