The National Basketball Association is thinking about increasing the fines for clubs that bench their best players during televised games

According to police sources, Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr., a veteran of four years in the NBA, was arrested on Monday in New York City after claims of domestic abuse were made against his girlfriend, a former player in the WNBA. The allegations were made by Kysre Gondrezick.

Accusations of assault in a New York City hotel
At the time, both Porter and Gondrezick were staying at the Millennium Hotel in Times Square, which is where the incident took place early on Monday morning.

After Gondrezick voiced his discontent with Porter’s tardy return, some sources say that this led to a fight between the two.

Reportedly, she locked the door, which prompted Porter to inquire with the hotel’s security staff for assistance. After that point, the argument became more heated, leading to Gondrezick receiving injuries as a result.

According to reports, Gondrezick was discovered with a laceration on the right side of her face as well as soreness in her neck. The extent of her injuries is yet unknown.

According to the first findings of the investigation carried out by the NYPD, Porter physically assaulted Gondrezick and then strangled her.

KPJ’s career in the NBA up to this point
The NBA player, who is currently 23 years old and was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft, has been taken into custody, which is a troubling turn of events for him.

During his time with the Cavaliers, Porter was involved in a number of off-court incidents, the most notable of which being an outburst in January 2021 caused by a locker move. This event ultimately led to the Cavaliers trading Porter to the Houston Rockets.

KPJ just recently extended his deal with the Houston Rockets for a significant sum, agreeing to terms that would pay him $82.5 million over the course of four years.

During the 2022–2023 season, the point guard spent an average of 34.3 minutes on the floor for Houston, during which time he had 19.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.7 assists per game.

As the judicial process continues, it is now impossible to predict how these accusations may affect his professional career.

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