There is a possibility that Wayne Rooney will leave MLS due to Tom Brady

The former professional soccer player is currently the head coach of DC United.

Tom Brady, who is a friend of Wayne Rooney and a minority owner of the Birmingham City football club, is playing a role in the story since Rooney is rumored to be exploring a return to England with the club. Rooney is a former legend with Manchester United.

Reportedly interested in the initiative being planned by Birmingham City’s new administration in the English second level, also known as the Championship, Rooney is presently the coach of DC United in Major League Soccer (MLS).

The strategist is a well-known character in the world of soccer and is likely to be able to entice notable players to join the club. The tactician’s primary objective is to lead Birmingham City to promotion to the Premier League in the not too distant future.

Brady, winner of seven Super Bowl rings and one of the biggest names to ever grace the NFL, is in daily touch with Rooney and is rumored to be in favor of the potential move. Rooney is also rumored to be in favor of the potential move. It is thought that Rooney would be open to the possibility of moving back to England if the proper chance arose.

If Rooney were to sign with Birmingham City, he and his family would be able to return to their luxurious property in Cheshire, which is said to be worth more than 20 million dollars, once they had finished their time in the United States.

The current manager of Birmingham City is John Eustace, and the club is off to a strong start in the Championship. They presently hold the fourth spot in the standings courtesy to three victories and two draws.

After his stint as manager of DC United in the MLS, Rooney intended to take up the managerial duties of another English team. As his current term is set to expire in December, reports indicate that he is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the American club’s owners due to the lack of communication on a new contract.

Rooney is dissatisfied with the level of communication at DC United.
In a recent interview, Rooney vented his dissatisfaction at the lack of information over his future from the club, and he emphasized the importance of making appropriate preparations for the upcoming season.

“I’m a bit disappointed and frustrated that there has been no contact for the past two months,” stated Rooney. “I inquired about a new business arrangement. We can have a conversation about it, but I haven’t heard back from anyone yet.”It’s irritating because I’d rather know what the plan is anyhow since we need to plan for next season, so I requested for a meeting to discuss it because we need to move forward with planning for next season. I wanted to sit down and talk about it because we need to go forward with preparing for next season. It is imperative that we get this done as quickly as possible.

Rooney’s coaching career may enter a new phase if he is able to make a comeback to England, since Brady and Birmingham City have opened the door for him to do so.

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