There is ‘at least one shattered bone’ in Kysre Gondrezick’s body: After allegedly abusing his girlfriend, Kevin Porter Jr. is being held accountable for what charges?

According to reports, the Houston Rockets player was the one who murdered Gondrezick at a hotel in New York.

At a hotel in New York, National Basketball Association player Kevin Porter Jr. is accused of assaulting and strangling his girlfriend, Kyrse Gondrezick.

The guard for the Houston Rockets is reported to have assaulted Gondrezick multiple times, causing the victim to break a bone as a result of the incident.

According to a report by NBC New York, there is also the allegation that he attempted to suffocate or choke her. According to subsequent reports, the victim had facial wounds as a result of the attack.

Which crimes has Kevin Porter Jr. been accused of committing?
Porter Jr. was arrested and is facing felony charges for the assault of a lady in the second degree and the strangulation of another woman. Both of these charges are related to the same incident.

Because of this, the 23-year-old player’s career on the basketball court may be put on hold or maybe come to an end if he is sentenced to prison.

Porter Jr. had a productive year with the Rockets, scoring over 19 points per game, but one action had the potential to completely destroy his future with the team.

The NBA and the Rockets have reacted to the incident with Kevin Porter Jr.
The Rockets chose to issue a statement in response to the assault as well as the subsequent arrest and charges; however, they did not choose to comment on the situation in great detail.

The Rockets have issued a statement in which they say that they are “in the process of gathering information surrounding the matter involving Kevin Porter Jr.”

“We do not have any further comment at this time.”

The National Basketball Association (NBA) issued a statement in response to the serious allegations that have been leveled against the sportsman, echoing the Rockets organization’s stance.

Mike Bass issued a statement in which he claimed that the league office has been in communication with the Houston Rockets and is in the process of gathering additional information.

According to ESPN, while the league is conducting its investigation, the Rockets are prohibited from taking any disciplinary action against the player, including suspending him. However, the NBA commissioner has the authority to put Porter Jr. on paid vacation for a “reasonable period of time.”

If it is determined that Porter Jr. violated the NBA’s policy regarding domestic violence, then he faces the possibility of being fired from the league, fined, disqualified, or suspended from any further association with the league.

Despite the fact that Porter Jr. had a history of off-court legal difficulties, the Rockets franchise had just awarded him a four-year contract extension worth 82.5 million dollars. However, the player was subject to certain restrictions under the terms of the deal.

If the Rockets were to waive him as a result of the potential conclusion of the accusations, they would only be required to pay 17 million dollars remaining on the deal.

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