Travis Scott takes beef with John McEnroe to subsequent degree by vandalizing his Corridor of Fame plaque

“You can’t be severe!” famously screamed Jon McEnroe on the umpire throughout a match at Wimbledon in 1981. He would have in all probability had an identical outburst had he witnessed rapper Travis Scott vandalize his Corridor of Fame plaque on Monday.

Travis Scott sprays paint throughout tennis legend John McEnroe’s Corridor of Fame plaque

That is proper, the ‘Goosebumps’ artist took his beef with the tennis legend to the following degree after spray-painting the enduring plaque with orange paint. In a video that has surfaced of the incident, the rapper might be seen drawing an enormous unhappy smiley face throughout McEnroe and the textual content beneath it.

The video perplexed loads of folks on social media perplexed. “Males I am completed with these rappers and drama,” commented one person. “What is going on on?” stated one other. Some even questioned the authenticity of the video, stating it appeared like a publicity stunt. “That is good. Doing it on digital camera… hmmm seems like a pretend stunt,” wrote one person.

Beef defined

The meat began a couple of days in the past when a tense trade throughout a gathering between the sports activities legend and the rapper was leaked on social media. They two are releasing a brand new sneaker collab with Nike gave the impression to be clashing over their inventive opinions of the brand new shoe.

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